Ocean Human Health Programme Co Directors: Eric Dewailly and Philippe Rouja 


Microbiologist, Research Scientist, University of West Indies and Bell Labs Bermuda

Shervon Deleon

Medical Doctor, Public Health Epidemiologist and Toxicologist. 

Eric Dewailly

Fish Expert, Associated Ocean Research Scientist, Ocean Human Health Research Program

Chris Flook

Community Leader, fishing expert, Bardi Community 

Eddie James

Public Health Researcher, Epidemiologist, Laval University and University of Hawaii

Catherine Pirkle

Artist,  Author, Fishing expert

James Proseck

Anthropologist, Research Scientist, 

Philippe Rouja

Director Bardi Ranger Program, Community leader, Fishing expert

Trevor Sampi

Ecotoxicologist, Professor at University of the West Indies

Emma Smith

Explorer, Oceanographer, Marine Research Scientist, Fisherman

Teddy Tucker

Ben Watson

Cameraman, Story Teller, Film Maker

Bardi Elder, Community leader, Expert fisherman

Douglas Wiggan

Bardi community leader, Expert fisherman

Jubby Wiggan