"This is the time now. When it starts to warm up they'll finish that fat. There won't be any taste in them."   Douglas Wiggin, Bardi Elder.

A study into whether the sustainable fishing practices and accompanying health benefits of the Bardi people of north western Australia could be applied to other tropical and sub tropical regions.

Dewailly, E., et al (2008), Balancing the risks and the benefits of local fish consumption in Bermuda, Food Additives & Contaminants.

"The fishing behaviour of the Bardi fishermen represents a culturally sanctioned resource use strategy that takes into account the concrete observable consequences of their behaviour and perhaps the adaptive value of the behaviour." 

Rouja, PM., et al (2003), Fat, Fishing Patterns, and Health Among the Bardi People of North Western Australia, Lipids, Vol. 38, no. 4 

"I never understood why the livers from the banks (17 miles off Bermuda's coast) would make you sick but ones from the sea mount would not. Its a mystery to me."  Teddy Tucker.

Sickness from eating fish livers was news to medical research scientist, Eric Dewailly and Teddy's observation spurred a study into the possible causes.

Dewailly, E., et al (2010), Vitamin A Intoxication from Reef Fish Liver Consumption in Bermuda. Journal of Food Protection.

"With this program the kids in school are now eating how we used to at home". Tubyai Fisherman

How a return to traditional diet and physical activity improved the health of polynesian collegians.

Gatti, C., et al (2014), Obesity and Metabolic Parameters in Adolescents: A School-Based Intervention Program in French Polynesia. Journal of Adolescent Health.

"Some fishermen rub the liver on their lips to see if they tingle but I cut the base of the tail to watch how it bleeds" Tahitian Elder

A comparison of the effectiveness of two types of folk test commonly used to identify ciguatera poisoning in seafood.

Darius, H.T., et al (2013), Use of folk tests to detect ciguateric fish: a scientific evaluation of their effectiveness in Raivavae Island (Australes, French Polynesia), Food Additives  & Contaminants.

"Over seven years we managed to get a five fold decrease in mercury levels in Bermuda's new-borns". Philippe Rouja

Reduced consumption of local pelagic fish by pregnant women significantly reduced the levels of mercury detected in cord blood samples of Bermuda new-borns.

Dewailly, E., et al (2012), Evaluation of a Public Health Intervention to Lower Mercury Exposure from Fish Consumption in Bermuda, PLOS ONE, Vol. 7, Issue 10

"I knew it! Its great to hear that our fat fish is good for us" Community leader on Tubuai

Traditionally, all fishermen followed seasonal and lunar cycles in their lagoon fishing, specifically to maximise the fatness manifest in the gut and flesh.

Rouja, PM., et al (2014) Eat Your Fat Fish, Gordon Research Conference, Ocean Human Health, Poster session.